Discover Mont-Saint-Michel

Take advantage of high tides to cross the bay on foot !

It is a guide animator who can make you discover this walk which leaves from the foot of the mount to join at the end of 4 kilometers the rock of Tombelaine.

The return towards Mont-Saint-Michel allows you to observe the spectacle of the tidal bore and the rising tide. You will then be able to understand with the explanations of the guide the phenomenon of the tides, their specificities and the impact of these on life at Mont Saint-Michel over the centuries.

Coming to Normandy
for high tides

Our campsite in the bay of Mont Saint Michel is not far from the Mont and will allow you to reach it quickly to discover this unique phenomenon.

The high tides offer an exceptional moment that allows a new look at the bay and also allows you to make beautiful discoveries. The viewpoints are different, the landscape is "extended", and the unique light offers wonderful photo opportunities. Finally, the fishing trips on foot, at the time of high tides, are very fruitful! An ideal time to spend a weekend or extend the summer under the beautiful sky of Normandy!